The Centre achieves its mandate through training, education, research, monitoring, evaluation and advocacy.


Training and Education Programmes

  • Two - Year Competency-Based Diploma Curriculum (CBC Diploma) In Corporate Governance.
  • 5-day, 3-day, 2-day, 1-day and half day generic and tailor-made courses in corporate governance, leadership, management, ethics, finance, risk management, human resource leadership, marketing, and strategic thinking and direction setting.
  • Training of trainers courses in Corporate Governance.
  • Chairmen’s workshops.

All our training and education courses are available on face to face and online modes.


Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Development of Board Charters
  • Undertaking action-oriented research in the areas of corporate governance, leadership, management, ethics, finance, risk management, human resource leadership and strategic thinking and direction setting.
  • Conducting Board evaluations.
  • Development of strategic plans. 
  • Undertaking strategic plans reviews.



  • Conducting elections for Membership organisations when choosing their Board Members/office bearers
  • Supporting organisations in the procurement and selection of Board Members
  • E-board


Programmes Overview

  • Our Programmes are designed to cater for the training needs of organisations and professionals in the private, public, not-for-profit sectors as well strengthening their leadership and management capabilities


Why Choose the Centre for Corporate Governance?

  • We design and develop client specific (tailor made) solutions for our clients in the following areas: Corporate Governance, Leadership, Management, Risk, Human Resource, Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Research, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Advocacy. 
  • The Centre provides top quality, practical, interactive and high impact educational, training and developmental programmes.
  • Our clients have returned a Participant satisfaction rate of over 96%.
  • Over 15,000 Participants have attended our courses and the number continues to grow due the trust and credibility in our Brands
  • 20 plus years of Excellency. We have been providing training for the last two decades and we are confident that we will continue to provide training on the latest development in to our esteemed customers

Our Specialized Services to Our Clients Ensure Improvements In:

  • The Board composition, structure and functioning,
  • Board charters and committee effectiveness,
  • Clarifying Board authorities and Director duties,
  • Board procedures,
  • The internal control system,
  • Compliance, transparency and disclosure,
  • Risk governance,
  • Managing conflicts, 
  • The succession planning,
  • The treatment of stakeholders.


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